Are you looking for a sociable, interesting and / or sporting group activity?
The museum offers a wide range of activities from which you can choose.
Each activity can be combined with coffee or lunch.

For reservations please contact +31 (0)522-46 2526 or send an email to

1.  Guided tour of the museum
A tour of the museum, led by a guide (whether or not in traditional Staphorst costume) who can tell you a lot about the past and present of Staphorst.

2. Presentation of Staphorst costumes in the museum or on location.
At a presentation of Staphorst costumes one of our employees shows  you the traditional dresses and all the other things that go with it. You will get information on the customs concerning mourning and festive occasions and you will learn how the costume has changed over time.

3. Presentation of Staphorst on location, various topics.
This is a customized presentation that is made in accordance with your wishes; On what topic do you want to learn more? You can think of the history of Staphorst, traditional costume,  ‘Staphorster Stipwerk’, ( Staphorst dot painting craftwork), traditions etc. .

4. Workshop Staphorst dot painting craftwork.
‘’Staphorster stipwerk’’ (dot painting craftwork) is made by nails stuck in corks and then tipped in paint. The painting is mostly done on a dark surface.  You can learn the principles of this craft in a workshop, held in the museum.
“Staphorster Stipwerk” is put on the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage by the Dutch Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage.
In this workshop you can learn how to paint these dots on the  fabric which the dot work was originally used for, but you can also create your own jewelry or decorate other objects with the dot painting.

5. Walk through the centre of Staphorst.
A route description is available for a walk of about 3 km through the centre of Staphorst . On foot you get to see Staphorst, with an explanation of the different sights.

6. A bus tour through Staphorst, Rouveen and the outer area.
This bus tour takes about one hour. One of our volunteers will join you on the bus and during the bus ride will explain the
characteristics of the farms, the culture of the area, etc.

With the above activities you can fill a full day program.