Temporary exhibition

Every year we organize at least one new exhibition. For this we draw on our own collection and we cooperate with other organizations and artists.

’Kleurrijk Geletterd’ (Colourfully embroidered)- Embroidery in Staphorst,
This year’s exhibition of Museum Staphorst centers on the Staphorst embroidery tradition. This tradition is shown by unique samplers, pincushions, bags, embroidered regional clothing and clothing accessories.
Needlework as such was not unique – many Dutch girls embroided in the last century – but the way it was worked out in Staphorst is characteristic; above all it is very colourful and crowded: people did not like empty spaces and therefore not a single space on the sampler was left unused

Embroidery was mainly an activity for school-going girls in Staphorst and Rouveen. It was part of the needlework education both in primary and secondary school. The heyday of the Staphorst embroidery tradition was in the period 1870-1970.
Embroidery patterns circulated frequently and were copied many times. The girls’ creativity was expressed in the arrangement of the available patterns, in the choice of the stitches and colours.
The museum has enriched its collection with many private loans, often provided with personal stories, for this exhibition.

Photo exhibition ‘’Staphorst’’
Documentary photographer Annie van Gemert (Nijmegen) exhibits a photo series “Staphorst’’ in the restaurant of the museum.
Annie van Gemert regularly visited Staphorst and Rouveen in 2019 and 2020. She was captivated by the authentic character of the village. People let her into their homes to photograph the still quite original interiors. She was able to capture these colourful interiors and people in her photos with her eye for colour and detail.
The exhibition is accompanied by a book with photos taken by Annie van Gemert in Staphorst in the period 2919-2020.